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Personal Symmetrics is the tri-state leader for providing custom breast prostheses. Achieving a symmetrical appearance after breast surgery can be challenging. Radiant Impressions custom breast prostheses may be the perfect solution. Custom molded and color matched to fit and match only your own body, Radiant Impressions offers a personal fit and choices not available with a standard off-the-shelf breast form.

The Radiant Impressions custom breast prosthesis is a one-of-a-kind product that simulates missing breast tissue after mastectomy, lumpectomy, or reconstruction. With more than 30 skin tones to select from, the realistic appearance of the Radiant Impressions is a unique duplicate of your natural breast. We are able to capture all of the personal details of a woman’s breast and chest wall for the ultimate fit. This eliminates the need for a pocketed bra and gives you the freedom to wear regular bras. The 100 percent silicone matrix makes it exceptionally lightweight, breathable, and much cooler compared to the off-the-shelf prosthesis. Durable and comfortable, you can resume the activities you did before like golfing, swimming, dancing, jogging or gardening, without being conscious of your prosthesis. This prosthesis is an amazing option for women who have had one breast removed or both. Most group insurance companies cover the cost of the custom breast form.

Your customized, natural fit is achieved with a laser scanner, which creates a 3D image that is sent to the Radiant Impressions Production Studio in Michigan, where artisans handcraft a beautiful, custom breast prosthesis that is unique to the surgery site, color, and characteristics such as freckles and nipples. Your custom prosthesis will be delivered within three to four weeks.

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