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Life After Breast Reconstruction Challenges

Are you experiencing challenges after breast reconstruction surgery? Women can encounter many concerns — sometimes the new implant or implants don’t match the remaining breast or one another, or there are anomalies due to body changes over a period of time. We also see women who have delayed reconstruction due to treatment, radiation. Whatever the need, Personal Symmetrics is here to provide assistance.

Breast Implants vs. Tissue Expanders

For clarification, a breast implant is a round or teardrop shaped silicone shell consisting of saline or silicone gel. Some women may have a permanent breast implant placed at the time of their mastectomy, while others require a two-stage process involving a tissue expander. A tissue expander is an empty breast implant that a surgeon fills with saline over the course of several weeks until the desired breast size is reached.

Life After Breast Reconstruction Challenges

Why are Breast Implants and/or Tissue Expanders Removed?

Women have breast implants and/or tissue expanders removed for various reasons. For example, the implants are typically only expected to last 10 years, and many women decline to have another surgery. After a period of time, a woman’s natural breast begins to sag, resulting in breasts that are no longer symmetric. Their removal makes mammograms easier, can minimize pain and the possibility of rupture or failure, eliminates the need for replacement, and boosts confidence. Moreover, the recovery time is relatively short.

Life After Breast Reconstruction Challenges

The Risks

With every surgery, there is always risk involved. According to the American Cancer Society, movement, leakage, rupture or deflation, and scar tissue formation, also known as capsular contracture, can occur during and after breast reconstruction surgery.

Life After Breast Reconstruction Challenges

Personal Symmetrics is Here for You!

Personal Symmetrics offers many options for symmetry if you’re experiencing any of these issues. We’re here to answer your questions and offer you solutions.  

Personal Symmetrics offers an array of breast prostheses to accommodate a number of circumstances. Many styles are available before and during reconstruction or after a mastectomy or partial mastectomy, including:

  • Full silicone prosthesis – Silicone gel prosthesis available in many shapes and sizes.
  • Partial prosthesis – Silicone breast form used for filling in any deficit following a partial mastectomy.
  • Custom prosthesis – We offer custom breast prostheses by American Breast Care that are light, soft, and realistic. 3D imaging technology will be used to ensure accuracy. The end result is a one-of-a-kind custom breast prosthesis that meets your specific fit and color specifications as well as mirrors your existing breast.
  • Leisure (foam) breast prosthesis – Light-weight foam breast form (non-weighted) worn during times of leisure when a full silicone form is not needed to make sleep more comfortable and also during recovery.
  • Swim prosthesis – Waterproof foam and silicone breast forms – suitable for swimming in a variety of styles.
Life After Breast Reconstruction Challenges

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