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A breast form offers several important benefits following a mastectomy. Breast forms restore balance to a woman’s body, help her to maintain shoulder posture, and can add to her comfort and appearance.

The board-certified clinical team at Personal Symmetrics will help you find the most appropriate form and garment to meet your needs. Many different styles are available after a mastectomy or lumpectomy, or before and during reconstruction, including:

  • Full silicone prosthesis – Silicone gel prosthesis available in many shapes and sizes
  • Partial prosthesis – Silicone breast form used for filling in any deficit following a lumpectomy
  • Custom prosthesis – We also offer custom breast prostheses by American Breast Care that are light, soft, and realistic.
  • Leisure (foam) breast prosthesis – Light-weight foam breast form (non-weighted) worn during times of leisure when a full silicone form is not needed to make sleep more comfortable and also during recovery.
  • Swim prosthesis – Waterproof foam and weighted breast forms are suitable for swimming.

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