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The ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis

Personal Symmetrics“The custom breast prostheses gave me comfort, the symmetry was just right, and they feel more natural. . .It’s an excellent alternative to reconstruction.”

Dale is a three-time breast cancer survivor with her initial diagnosis at age 36. She eventually had a bilateral mastectomy and decided reconstruction was not for her.

Personal Symmetrics“The prostheses contour in the right spots against my chestwall. They’re like a puzzle piece. . . they just fit perfectly.”

Jennifer chose to have reconstruction after her double mastectomy. When the reconstruction failed, the surgery left her with a contoured and asymmetrical chest wall, making it difficult to fit breast forms.

Ask your fitter

Speak with your fitter to schedule your personal ABC Custom Breast Prosthesis design experience.

Personal scan session

State-of-the-art 3D scanning technology has superior accuracy to guarantee a well-fitting prosthesis.

Personal Symmetrics

Personal SymmetricsWhether you need a full or partial breast prosthesis, we can help you achieve the level of comfort & confidence you deserve.

Personal Symmetrics All American Breast Care breast prostheses are handcrafted with care in the USA.

Personal Symmetrics
Personal Symmetrics

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Personal Symmetrics
Personal Symmetrics

Phone: (513) 221-7200

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Personal Symmetrics

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