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Post-Surgery Garments Post-Mastectomy Camisole

Post-surgery garments provide comfort and form while you recover. These include compression bras and camisoles, which promote healing, help increase blood circulation, hold the surgical dressings in place, and reduce the buildup of fluid. Bras also have pockets to hold silicone breast forms to help you look completely natural. Compression bras can also be worn when sleeping.

Post-operative camisoles are designed to give you both shape and extra comfort immediately after surgery. Camisoles can include drainage pouches that can be detached once the drains are removed.

We now offer ReCover Forms by Trulife that have removable layers and provide adjustable fullness and projection for post-surgery and reconstruction solutions.

The ReCover Shell is designed for staged reconstruction. Removable silicone inserts facilitate use across the duration of the reconstruction process. In reconstruction surgery, the surgeon will over expand the surgical breast so that it reduces to normal size. The ReCover Shell used on the natural breast will balance out the surgical side.

ReCover Overlay is ideal for post-lumpectomy and post-reconstruction. Radiation, weight gain and changes over time may mean you have to augment surgical side with different degrees of thickness or fill. The ReCover Overlay’s oval shape can be positioned as needed to restore symmetry and the two layered back provides additional fullness and projection when needed. The insert would also counteract any slight weight gain or loss.

ReCover Enhancer is also for post-lumpectomy. Its anatomically curved shape can be positioned at the side or bottom of the breast to provide cleavage.

You can also select post-surgery garments and products from American Breast Care, Jodee, Anita, Amoena, Trulife, Classique and many more surgical bras which are available in a wide range of fabrics, colors, and sizes.

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